Tip 10: Staying fit-ish

My first post was about the things I love to do, and I’ll keep returning to that through out this series because I consider it a guide for all I do, including staying fit. 

So which items in the list make me fitter? Defiantly the walking, rollerblading and biking and also the trips to the beach. My original list didn’t have gym classes or personal training sessions on it, so why would I aim to do these things? I don’t, never have. 

But, I do think it’s important to maintain a basic level of fitness for the good of ones health. 

My staple is walking. I enjoying walking home the evening, it’s a nice break between work and home life. I used to live close enough to work to work all the way, but now I don’t. However, I’ve made it a habit to get changed into sneakers before I leave work and get off the bus at least 2km from home and walk the rest of the way, this way I get some steps in while commuting. 

While wandering the streets is nice, and to be fair I live in a nice area with plenty to look at as I wander, I love bushwalking. While I don’t make it to national parks as much as I would like I really enjoy it when I do. Typically I’ll pick walks which are 5-15km, long enough to justify the journey out and take in the view, but short enough to stop and photograph the scenes as I go along. In the past I used to do overnight walks, which I really loved. I’d like to get back into that type of walk. 

On the weekends if I can’t head to bushland I head to the beach. In winter I enjoy walking along the beach and taking in the view or watching the waves roll in. In summer I prefer to pack swimmers and have a little swim and splash around. Given my pale skin I prefer to go early in the morning rather than apply a lot of sunscreen.

From time-to-time I mix things up, going for a bike ride or rollerblading. There’s lots of nice cafes about 4-5km from home, so I like to bike to someplace new and check it out and then bike home. It’s not the 50kms other do on the weekend but it’s active and fun, and I appreciate that. Other times I’ll head with younger ones to a local park and join in the games, slide on the slide and shot a few hoops. I’m not good at these things, I just do them because it’s fun. 

In my world fitness and fun to go hand in hand.