Tip 9: Winter Capsule Lessons

So since it was cold enough to wear woollen tops I’ve been wearing my winter capsule wardrobe. With spring here I thought I’d write a little about what was in my capsule, what I liked and didn’t like this season and what I plan to do differently next winter.

So first up, the items:

  • Work pants (Black wide-legged / Black slim fitting / Charcoal / Textured black / Brown / Light grey)
  • Non-work pants (Jean x2 / Black hemp / Black showerproof)
  • Work tops (Black x2 / Bright blue x2 / Raspberry / White with a black check / Light blue - all merino)
  • Non-work tops (Navy / Coral print / Grey striped - all merino)
  • Outerwear (Black leather jacket / Red leather jacket / White trench coat / Grey trench coat / Black merino jacket x2)

All up I had 26 items. Over and above this I had some active wear, mainly old merino jerseys with small holes and two jackets (one waterproof and one shower proof). I also had a few old jackets and hoodies for around the house on evenings and weekends. 

So, what didn’t work? 

Well initially I had my three pencil skirts for work in the capsule and I told myself I would wear them each a couple of times to ‘mix things up a bit’, I never did so I’m not counting them in the total. The reality is that winter is sufficiently cold enough to make me choose to hide in pants all winter long, so next year, no skirts. 

The lack of tops. I got really bored about nine weeks in, as my tops were all on regular rotation meaning that by then I’d got a bit over rotating through the options. 

As for specific items I didn’t like these were: the coral merino (I’m going off the style), brown work pants (wrong colour, seriously I have nothing else brown in my whole wardrobe, what was I thinking?) and my red leather jacket (wrong style). 

What did work?

My favourite pants for work were the black and charcoal pairs, but the light grey offered the chance to ‘mix things up a bit’ that I was looking for. And I love wearing jeans, they are such a staple for casual Fridays and weekends. 

I love merino wool, it’s soft and machine washable and I used to wear it all year round before I moved to a warmer climate. I’m definitely planning to stick with merino wool for future winters. My favourite top was the same as last year, the Raspberry top with lace trim though and my second favourite was my classic black merino.

I love my black leather jacket and both trench coats, so these are all keepers and absolute favourites. 

My final lesson was about accessorising. I thought I would wear gloves some of the time, but rarely did. What I did wear a lot was scarfs, they added colour and variation especially when I hit the nine week mark described above. I also spent a lot of time in my black ankle boots.

What about next year?

Even though I’m minimising the number of new purchases I make I’m definitely going to get a couple more winter tops for next season as I know I’ll use them (and another black one because one of mine developed holes in the sleeves and black I wear a lot on weekdays and weekends). 

As for the items I didn't like much, I’m giving the red leather jacket away but I’ll keep the other two items based on the knowledge that I will wear them from time-to-time next winter.

This season I think I’ve really narrowed down my winter style with my usual outfit being pants + merino top + jacket + scarf + boots. Comfortable with lots of easy mix and match options.