Tip 4: Figure out which items you need for your hobbies

So, earlier on I wrote a list of things that I love to do, essentially my hobbies. And having decided that I should engage in these activities as often as possible I need things to do them. So this article covers the items I have relating to my hobbies and the ideas behind my purchases.

Research and photography are two of the more expensive hobbies on my list. In order to research as well as take and edit photos I need:

  • a laptop
  • hard drives
  • a decent camera 
  • tripod
  • camera accessories (lenses, filters, spare batteries etc)
  • tablet (optional)

When I look back on my camera purchases I see several distinct phases, each following careful consideration of what I really wanted. The first was film. Then for my 21st I got my first digital point-and-shoot camera, which was fabulous for travel. My next phase was a mirrorless micro four-thirds camera (the Panasonic GF1). I made the purchase after six months of consideration, even though I was a student at the time the quality of the images was going to be so much better, and the camera was light. Most recently I upgraded to a full frame mirrorless camera (the Sony A7R) for the same reasons as my original upgrade to mirrorless camera, the quality of the images alongside the light weight nature of the camera. 

For editing photo and my research I currently I have the 13” MacBook Pro with a retina screen and a couple of hard drives (one for photos, one for backing up the laptop). I feel that a laptop is the best solution for me because it’s portable and the screen has a high enough resolution for me to edit my photos. 

One of the things about electronics is that there are new models being released all the time and being marketed as bigger/smaller, lighter, more efficient and better in many ways. My philosophy is to buy to replace a worn out item or when there is a major change the technology. On that note my iPhone 4 is still going strong. I know it is not the latest model of phone but it does everything I want a phone to do and I’m planning to upgrade once phones have great cameras and can go underwater. 

The other expensive hobby is travel. Aside from needing a suitcase and those cute little bottles for toiletries, one also needs tickets to somewhere, accommodation and money to do some sightseeing and eat when you reach your destination. Typically when I think of things I need for travel it’s basically money and time. Travelling isn’t cheap but it is so rewarding so I always budget for it. 

One of my other major hobbies is reading and in order to read one must have books. I used to buy books but I bought them at a faster rate than I was reading them. Then one day I made a decision, I wouldn’t buy another book until Ifinished reading all the books I already owned. And truth be told I had a couple to go before I caved and bought a book. That being said recently I’ve mostly borrowed books from friends or the library and any I’ve bought I’ve bought second hand. 

For many of the other activities I enjoy such as going to the beach, walking in nature and playing board games I don’t need much ‘stuff’, just some good shoes, games and a wetsuit. I just need to be diligent about making the time to engage in these activities. And for both rollerblading and biking I did spend some time deciding if I really needed my own blades and a bike and in the end I bought those two items. 

So what do I have? I have a laptop, a camera (and things to go with it), a tablet, a phone, books, travel gear, a bike, rollerblades and a body board, wetsuits and snorkel. That’s actually pretty much it. All the things I need to have fun and do the things I love.